ASUS ROG Flow X13 2-in-1 gaming ultrabook and XG Mobile eGPU – first impressions.

ASUS ROG Flow X13 2-in-1 gaming ultrabook and XG Mobile eGPU – first impressions.

The ROG Flow X13 is Asus’s first ROG – Republic of Gamers ultrabook and a unique product on today’s market.

On a first look, this is a compact 13-inch ultraportable laptop with a convertible 16:10 touchscreen, weighing a little under 3 lbs. Nothing special so far, however, this is also the only such product built on AMD Ryzen 5000 HS hardware, alongside a dedicated GTX 1650 graphics chip from Nvidia. They’re paired with up to 32 GB of RAM and a 62 Wh battery, as well as a cooling module to match this kind of hardware inside this 13-inch chassis.

Razer’s Stealth 13 held the crown as the most competent gaming ultrabook of the past years. The latest iteration is built on a Tiger Lake Core U processor, with the same kind of GTX graphics, but with a clamshell form-factor, slightly larger footprint, and a smaller 53 Wh battery. Furthermore, the Intel chip is no match for the AMD 8C/16T Ryzen 9 5000 processors in the ROG Flow X13 in sustained loads or in terms of efficiency, so at least on paper, this ROG is on its path for regicide.

Asus didn’t just launch the Flow X13 on its own, though, they also paired it with their take at an eGPU, in what’s called the ROG XG Mobile external GPU. This is a compact GPU enclosure with non-upgradeable components, the kind you’re buying preconfigured, and not the barebone type you fill up with your own components. The ultra-compact form-factor makes it easily baggable to bring along when traveling, but does come with a hefty price.

Furthermore, the ROG XG Mobile only works with the ROG Flow X13, and that’s because Asus didn’t go with a standard Thunderbolt connection, but instead developed their own connector, for a couple of reasons.

Asus ROG Flow X13 ultrabook and XG Mobile eGPU.

We’ll tell you all about both of these products in the article down below. At this point, this only gathers my first impressions and thoughts after using them for a few days, without touching on performance numbers, benchmarks results, thermals, noise levels, or efficiency, and that’s because these are pre-production showcase units, and not the finalized products. The proper reviews will be available in the near future, once we get our hands on those retail units.

Here’s a quick spec sheet of the ROG Flex X13 ultraportable.

ASUS%20ROG%20Flow%20X13%202-in-1%20gaming%20ultrabook%20Display%2013.4-inch,%2016:10%20format,%20touch,%20glossy%20with%20Gorilla%20Glass,%202%20panel%20options: %20FHD+%201920%20x%201200%20px%20IPS%20120%20Hz,%20100%%20sRGB,%20Pantone%20validated%20UHD+%203840%20x%202400%20px%20IPS%2060%20Hz,%20114%%20sRGB, %20Pantone%20validated%20Processor%20AMD%20Cezanne,%20up%20to%20Ryzen%209%205980HS,%208C/16T%20Video%20AMD%20Radeon%20Vega%20+%20Nvidia%20GeForce%20GTX%201650%20Max-Q% 2035W%204%20GB%20GDDR6%20%E2%80%93%20with%20ActiveSync%20(??)%20Memory%20up%20to%2032%20GB%20LPDDR4s%204266%20MHz%20(soldered)%20Storage%201x %20M.2%202230%20PCI%20×4%20slot%20Connectivity%20Wireless%206%20(Intel%20AX201)%202%C3%972,%20Bluetooth%205.1%20Ports%202x%20USB-C%203.2%20gen2%20with %20data,%20DP%201.4%20and%20charging,%201x%20ROG%20XG%20Mobile%20Interface,%201x%20USB-A%203.2%20gen2,%20HDMI%202.0b,%20headphone/mic%20Battery%2062%20Wh ,%20100%20W%20USB-C%20power%20adapter%20Size%20299%20mm%20or%2011.77%E2%80%9D%20( w)%20x%20222%20mm%20or%208.74%E2%80%9D%20(d)%20x%2015.8%20mm%20or%20.62%E2%80%9D%20(h)%20Weight%201.34%20kg %20(2.95%20lbs)%20+%20charger%20Extras%20white%20backlit%20keyboard,%20HD%20webcam%20and%20stereo%20mics,%20stereo%20speakers.

First look and daily use.

The Flow X13 is the most portable ROG laptop to date, and a fair bit smaller, slimmer, and lighter than last year’s Zephyrus G14.

It doesn’t compromise on the build quality in any way, though, and it’s also a convertible with a 360-degree screen.

Magnesium alloys are used for the construction, but all the exterior surfaces are textured and the whole thing feels surprisingly premium to the touch and sturdy, with almost no flex in either the lid or the main-deck. Furthermore, the smudges and fingerprints have a hard time sticking to the surfaces, despite the all-black color scheme, but they do show up on the keys and clickpad, which you’ll have to clean off quite often.

Aesthetically, this is one of the cleanest laptops out there, with a subtle ROG Flow engraving under the screen, a dark-gray ROG plate on the lid. This won’t catch any attention and is perfectly suited for stricter office/school environments.

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