Free Board Management Software for Nonprofits

A free board-management software is a great choice for your charity or non-profit however, you must make sure that the product matches your specific needs and budget. The majority of free portals don’t change with your organization, while paid options are designed to grow and change as your board expands.

The best board management software has a range of features to help your nonprofit achieve its goals. It allows for the communication and collaboration between members both before, during and after meetings. The software streamlines meetings simplifies the administrative process, and protects crucial information.

It is helpful to keep the board’s meeting documents and information organized in a digital archive which allows you to easily access them from any device at any time. This will let you organize more efficiently for board meetings and save you time, as you don’t have to email confidential documents to your team.

Find a solution that includes dynamic agenda templates along with scheduling tools and the capability to create and share digital agendas for meetings. It should also offer extra storage for corporate reference documents, and include various discussion and annotation features. The software should be easy to use and compatible with many devices including iPads, iPhones Macs and Windows. It should also have high-quality security standards, such as ISO 27001 certification and 256-bit encryption. It is a function you need to have in order to protect your personal data.

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