How Board Management Software Can Help Nonprofit Boards Work Smarter

Board management software helps non-profit boards organize their meetings and communication processes, improve governance, and cut down on time. Board members can access securely materials for meetings, and administrators can make agendas and board packs and staff can make notes after meetings. There are a variety of options available on the market including lite options to enterprise solutions with features such as meeting analytics, document storage and discussion tools. When selecting a website, it is crucial to consider pricing mechanics as well as security, ease of use and customer service.

The most sophisticated software for boards has been designed to enhance meetings and allow boards to work better. It eliminates the use of text messages, emails and other unstructured communication by offering a central point of contact for all business of the board. It also provides a structured method for managing the flow of information, creating an audit trail and making it less likely that confidential board information could be discovered outside the platform by people who are not granted permissions.

The most effective board management software is secure, prioritizing security of data and compliance with industry standards. With a myriad of news stories about hacking and data breaches, cybersecurity must be a top priority for businesses. The most comprehensive board portals, unlike free systems that usually have no or little encryption, employ multiple layers of security features to mitigate the risk and ensure that confidential information is secure. They also make it simple to manage the permissions of an organization, ensuring that each person is able to access the information pertinent to their specific roles.

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