How Math and Technologies Are Connected

Math is an essential part of modern technology. From conceiving new medical treatments to improving transportation systems and advancing energy sources, the basis of everything is founded on mathematical principles. Many students are still struggling to comprehend the importance of math. It’s important to remember that no amount of math technology will replace a skilled teacher.

Teachers must be able to help their students develop positive attitudes toward using technology and math. Pierce and Ball (2009) affirm that teachers can achieve this by making learning enjoyable for students by the use of digital tools such as interactive whiteboards. They also stress the importance of ensuring that students have an in-depth knowledge of the software they’re using to be able to utilize it effectively.

Mathematical models are an additional way math and technology can be linked. These models are designed to facilitate the development of sharable modifiable and transportable representations of mathematical and scientific phenomena. The model is a tool that aids in learning by providing a method of creating and sharing public documents of thoughts (Lesh and Doerr, 2000).

Despite the advantages of mathematical models, however, they cannot fully explain the ways in which math functions as a technology within society. This is due to the perceived accuracy that mathematical truths convey. This is why the authority that mathematically-based decisions can provide is often used to justify the lack or contestation of issues like the health risks posed by cellular radio frequency radiation on phones or economic policies.

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