Types of Data Security

There are various types of data protection to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. These cybersecurity practices include encryption and access restrictions (both physical and digital) and much more. All businesses, from large banks in the world that handle massive amounts of financial and personal information to the small business owner who stores the contact details of his clients via a phone, work with data in one way or another. With this in mind, it’s more crucial than ever before to implement good data security measures.

Data breaches occur every day and can result in costly costs for businesses in terms of lost revenue due to disrupted operations, incident response costs, legal charges, and regulatory fines. The best method to protect your data is to use several different technologies and processes, like access controls, encrypting information, and regular backups of your data.

Authentication is the process of confirming an individual’s identity prior giving them access to data they require to carry out their job. It’s essentially using something you’ve got (e.g., a password) or something you are (e.g., a fingerprint) to access your device or computer.

Data masking converts the data into a format which is unreadable and only authorized viewers can read it. If hackers get access to the data, they are unlikely to gain anything valuable. It’s a good idea also to implement solutions such as encryption of datasets and files, tokenization and other methods that help protect your data even more.

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